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Privacy Policy

In order to enable the use of the web site sales service at, which is described in detail in the section titled "How to buy" and "Information on Delivery ", it is necessary to collect and process some of Your personal data. In particular, we need Your name, surname, address of residence (delivery address), Your e-mail address and telephone number. You provide the required data when You first register at or later when making the order. By providing Your personal data, You agree that they are processed by APOLLO DOOEL for the stated purpose.

Personal data
• Your personal data will be used exclusively for timely and accurate delivery of your order and for the payment of the price for the products and services sold.
• In addition, only with Your consent, Your personal data will be used to inform You of our promotional offers and discounts.
• Also, Your personal data will be used to continuously improve the services offered by, as well as APOLLO DOOEL in general, to improve our offer and to simplify and enjoy the use of products and services.

• APOLO DOOEL will use all collected personal data exclusively and solely for the purposes for which they were provided.
• Personal data will also be kept during a period and in a manner period clearly provided in accordance with the Law for Personal Data Protection and all other applicable laws on the territory of N. Macedonia , as well as all technical and organizational security measures.

Your rights
As subject who has given his/her personal data to APOLLO DOOEL and MOJTONER.MK, You have the right at any time to request information about what personal information we have about You, to request its correction if they are not correct or to ask for their annulment from our database. In addition, You may withdraw the consent for APOLLO DOOEL to send you messages with promotional content to Your email address, without having to delete Your personal information from our personal data base. All information related or arising from the purchase made by You on our web store is considered a business secret and treated as such in accordance with the laws of the Republic of N. Macedonia.

How to contact us
For all inquiries and additional information, please contact or 02 / 3092-995.

Using web sales through is not possible without Your personal information, and Your registration is Your approval that APOLLO DOOEL shall collect and process Your personal data for the purposes and in the manner described in these Terms of Use. The data that we collect and keep, will not be published, sold or submitted to a third party except the to competent authorities in a manner determined by the positive legal regulations of the Republic of N. Macedonia.

APOLLO DOOEL and do not collect any information of a financial nature as a card number and / or bank account number. The data from the credit card and the bank account will be kept and used exclusively by NLB Banka AD Skopje. Transaction for charging products with a payment card is redirected and processed through the system for the payment card of NLB Bank AD Skopje. The portal uses sophisticated data protection and all processes take place through secure connection with the bank. Parents and guardians have an obligation to inform their under-aged children about safe and responsible personal data handling. Minors may not give personal information without the approval of their parents or guardians. APOLLO DOOEL and will not deliberately collect or use data from minors. At the same time, all safeguards for the protection of personal data of buyers are undertaken in order to minimize the risk of unauthorized access and abuse of the same. Changes to the privacy policy will be publicly posted on the website at least 5 days before they enter into force.